Body Of Christ

We hope everyone will play a role in forming the character, plans, and work of our Church.  Jesus said a Church should function as his “body”. We are meant to be vitally interdependent. The future of Christianity needs leadership that isn't defined by who leads the Christian meetings, but rather by who brings the love of God to new places. There is space for everyone’s entrepreunership and investment in this larger vision.



Caleb Kytonen always wants to stay up late talking. He is fiercely loyal to his friends, loves philosophy and listens to podcasts like a bad habit.  He’s energetic, blatantly passionate and has a creative itch he’s always trying to scratch. Most of all Caleb loves Jesus deeply, and really wants other people to find out how great Jesus is.  

Deanna Kytonen is warm, intuitive, artistic, and loves really sad folk music. She is a strategic thinker and a good listener. Deanna loves scripture and leads scripture discussions with an openness that always leads to the heart of the passage. Her deepest passion is to follow Jesus.

Their daughter Marigold is 2 years old, a committed dancer, and an aspiring potty trainer.  Clementine is 5 and knows all the lyrics to here favorite song: Homeward Bound by Paul Siman. How hip.

as for the Credentials

Deanna has a degree in geology from Whitman College and a Masters in Divinity from Fuller Seminary.

Caleb has a degree in philosophy from Whitman College and is working on a masters in divinity at Fuller Seminary — ever so slowly. He is gradually admitting he will probably never finish.

Prior to this Church Caleb and Deanna both worked with college students for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for 10 years, starting new chapters at the Evergreen State College, University of Puget Sound, Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle University, and finally working at University of Washington. 

Clementine is working towards an unaccredited degree in Kindergarten mediation at Wedgwood Elementary


Queen Anne captains of fun


(aka Monday Hosts)

Samantha Wren is thoughtful, wise, caring and loves weinerdogs. She day jobs as a high school counselor, and moonlights trying to get an NGO off the ground that equips and funds school counselors in Uganda. She and Dom want to open up their home in Queen Anne so that more people in Seattle can experience the welcome of God.

Dom Sickich’s day jobs as a grade school counselor and moonlights as a guy wandering around the neighborhood making friends. He loves kick ball, guacamole, his Toyota Previa, listening to people, and being loved by Jesus.

Children's Church Leader


Amaiya Livingston is a sophomore at Seattle University where she is studying Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies with a specialization in Elementary Education. She loves tennis, hanging out at the SU dog park, and sharing the love of Jesus with kids!